Soochow University

Soochow University

Total Students: 43,718

International Students: 1,271
Address: Soochow University, No.1 Shi Zi Street, Su Zhou, Jiang Su Province, P.R.China


Situated in the historical and picturesque city of Suzhou, a metropolis well reputed in the world for its classic gardens, Soochow University is a key university of “Project 211”, one of the first-batch universities of the “2011 Plan”, a member of "the Double First-Class" Initiative and a provincial key comprehensive university of Jiangsu Province jointly sponsored by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. The university’s 36 colleges/faculties are accommodating 27,897 undergraduate students, 12,636 postgraduate students, 1,919 full-time PhD students, 1,271 international students (3,271 international students for year 2019). Soochow University consists of four campuses, Tianci Zhuang Campus, Dushu Lake Campus, Yangcheng Lake Campus and  Future campus ,covering an area of 3,586mu (mu, a unit of area, one mu equals to 0.0667 hectare) with over 1,580,000 square meters of building area.


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Long-term Chinese Programs

RMB 7,500 per semester
RMB 15,000 per academic year

Short-term Programs

RMB 2,500 for two weeks                       RMB 4,000 for four weeks

Undergraduate Programs

Liberal: RMB 9,000 / semester

Engineering: RMB 11,000 / semester

Medicine & Art: RMB 14,000 / semester

Medicine (English): RMB 16,250 / semester

Master's Degree Programs

Liberal: RMB 14,000 / semester

Engineering: RMB 16,000 / semester

Medicine & Art: RMB 19,000 / semester

Medicine (English): RMB 20,000 / semester

PhD's Degree


Liberal: RMB 16,000 / semester

Engineering: RMB 19,000 / semester

Medicine & Art: RMB 21,000 / semester

Medicine (English): RMB 25,000 / semester



Bachelor Degree (Chinese)

  • School of Communication: Journalism; Radio and Television Studies
  • School of Politics and Public Administration: Administration; Logistic Management
  • School of Foreign Languages: English; Japanese; French; Korean; German
  • School of Art: visual communication design;
  • College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences: Chemistry
  • School of Computer Science and Technology: Computer Science and Technology


Master Degree (Chinese/English)

  • School of Policies & Public Administration: Public Administration,Philosophy;(English)
  • Business School: International Business
  • School of Education:Psychology, Applied Psychology.(English)
  • School of Chinese Language and Literature:Chinese Language and Literature;
  • School of Communication:Journalism and Communication;
  • School of Physical Science & Technology: Physics (Chinese-English bilingual)
  • FUNSOM: Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Biology;(English)
  • College of energy:  New Energy Science and Engineering;(English)


PhD Degree (Chinese/English)

• School of Policies & Public Administration: Political theory

• School of Education: Higher Education(English)

• School of Communication: Media and Culture Industry(English)

•   College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science: Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chemistry.(English)

• College of Textile and Clothing Engineering: Textile Engineering(English )

• School of Biology & Basic Medical Sciences, Medical College: Basic Medical Sciences(English)

• College of Pharmaceutics and Sciences: Pharmacy(English)


International Student Dormitory

TIAN CI ZHUANG Campus: Double Room RMB 4,500 / person / semester

DU SHU LAKE Campus: Double Room RMB 4,000 / person / semester



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